STOMP the Mini-Series: Preparation

Finally, the last of the STOMP concepts, preparation. It seems as though preparation is what holds all of the other concepts together. Preparation should be a big part of what we…

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Stomp the Mini-Series: Mentality

If you have a game this weekend or are a competitve golfer, contributor Michael Konrad has you covered on the mental side of the game.

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STOMP the Mini-Series: Optimism

“Exceptional people, I have found, either start out being optimistic or learn to be optimistic because they realize that they can’t get what they want in life without being…

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STOMP the Mini-Series: Toughness

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back with the second installment of his mini-series, STOMP (Strength, Toughness, Optimism, Mentality, & Preparation). His take on mental…

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STOMP: The Mini-Series – Mental Strength

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is introducing a mini-series centered around his concept of STOMP (Strength, Toughness, Optimism, Mentality, and Preparation). Over the coming…

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Psychology: The New Success of Junior Golf Programs

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back and is continuing to provide us with great insights into the psychology of golf. This time, for junior golfers. Mike dives into the…

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Why Michael Konrad Compares Sports Psychology for Golfers to the Vegetables You Should Eat

Introducing G&E's latest contributor, Michael Konrad and his first column titled "Eat Your Vegetables." Confused? Don't be. It is his clever way of comparing sports psychology for…

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