A Quick Round with Photographer Kevin Murray

Ever wonder what it takes to become the official photographer for the home of golf? Meet Kevin Murray. Kevin dons this title and much more.

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A Quick Round with Chris Frame of Back 9 USA

Sure, we all love that first tee feeling. But there's nothing like making the turn. The back 9 is where it all comes together. Check out our feature with Chris Frame of Back 9 USA…

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A Quick Round with Jordan Brooks of LIFE GOLF

Meet Jordan Brooks. This guy truly does it all for the love of the game. He found golf, made it part of his LIFE, and will stop at nothing to grow the sport. We know you'll enjoy…

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A Quick Round with Marc Cordeira of Kraken Golf

Want to stand out on the course? Kraken Golf products will make you stand out next to Rickie's Sunday attire. These machined pieces of art are something to talk about, so we had…

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A Quick Round with Don Bostic of The Friars Golf Club

Sure, we all love our home course. But it's 2018! Why be tied down? You don't really want to meet those food minimums anyway. A membership at The Friars Golf Club gives you…

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EyeLine Golf: A Choice of the Pros

Mickelson, McIlroy, Day, Watson... Ring a bell? These are just a few guys out there most Sundays that use EyeLine Golf products to hone their craft. Want to play with the best?…

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Lessons Learned While Building an Apparel Company With Andrew Redvanly

Red on Sunday? Seems all too predictable. Step out and make a statement with REDVANLY apparel. They'll give you the tools you need to bring some style to your duck hook.

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See How Camden Golf Co. Thinks Outside the Box

We've all seen Bubba shape a shot. Phil scramble out of Alcatraz. But if you want to see some real creativity off the course, check out Camden Golf Co. where creative design and…

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How Salter Golf Became A Self-Taught YouTuber

The internet is a magnificent place. A place where you can share, shop, and most importantly, learn. Check out what Craig Salter of Salter Golf has been building online. You…

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Watson Golf Turns Passion Into A Business

If you're honest with yourself, you know that your swing could always use some work. Watson Golf is bringing swing training aids to the market that will help you hone your cut…

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