Gary Lisbon: Risking It All for the Shot

There are few landscapes more intricate and thought-provoking than a golf course. And as golfers, we owe it to photographers dedicated to capturing the natural beauty of our…

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Playing America’s Top 100 Golf Courses with Jimmie James

Chasing your dream, no matter how crazy it may seem, is the only way to live your life. Whether it is Tiger chasing Jack's record, Phil chasing that elusive Grand Slam, or all…

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Blair Wheeler: When Marketing and Golf Collide

If you're reading this, you'd probably rather be golfing. The same is likely true for Blair Wheeler. Although, he may also be dreaming about surfing, the WOD, or focusing his…

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Tomo Golf: The Story of Golf’s Newest Footwear Brand

From driveway to fairway, TOMO golf shoes are made for everyone. Sunny Chou has created a fairly priced option that does not sacrifice style, so you'll be comfortable wearing…

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A Quick Round with Greg Stephens

Want to assess your game? Play a round with Tiger. That's what Greg Stephens did. Learn more about Greg's approach to life in the world of golf, real estate and family.

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A Quick Round with Kenny Pallas

Want a Ph.D. to help you develop the right golf fitness regimen? You're in luck. G&E contributor Kenny Pallas has the answers, and it may be simpler than you think!

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Rhoback: Three Co-founders and a Dog

Dog versus Lion. Who's you're money on? The Rhodesian Ridgeback not only took on lions, but also inspired this dynamic trio to build an incredible brand in Rhoback Activewear.…

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A Quick Round with Webb Emerson of Tight Lies

Webb Emerson wants to remind you that the SEC isn't all about college football. It has some pretty good golf, too! Straight out of Memphis, Tennessee, we'd like to introduce you…

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A Quick Round with Geoff Tait of Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Co.

What do you reach for when you need something a little stronger than an Arnold Palmer out on the course? Triple Bogey Brewing Co. premium lager should be on your short list. Read…

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A Quick Round with Jason Yip of State Apparel

So you took a few practice swings... No big deal, right? Wrong. Now you have those nagging blades of grass (and maybe some dirt...) to worry about. You shouldn't feel guilty about…

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