Escape to Streamsong

I could wander the world for my entire existence and never find anywhere that looks like Streamsong. I’m quite convinced that the way in which the ground moves there is unlike…

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The Maverick Lives On — Part II

If not for Forrest Fezler, Mike Strantz would have never had the chance to paint his final masterpiece. The partnership between the mavericks worked great in that way.

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The Maverick Lives On — Part I

If you have ever seen a great cowboy western movie, you know that the hero never rides alone. The protagonist on horseback may be made to look tough and appear like a loner, but…

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A Fine Time for Nine

Golf is an ancient and ever-evolving game. The objectives have remained unchanged for centuries, but the rest of the game stays in flux. Today as many people are raising questions…

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Winnie Could Win at Augusta

The Augusta National Women’s Amateur opens the door to new dreams for a generation of women and girls.

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