Keith Cutten Chronicles The Evolution of Golf Course Design

Keith Cutten, a golf course architect, has recently published The Evolution of Golf Course Design and the book is quickly becoming the latest must-have addition to any golf…

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How Havana Golf & Country Club Got Me Hooked on Golf

If golf is a drug, then I was raised in an opium den. Havana Golf & Country Club is the social epicenter of the single stoplight town I grew up in. When I was young, I was…

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The Buck Club: Zac Blair’s Bold Ambition

Professional Golfer Zac Blair is on an ambitious quest to build his dream course, The Buck Club, and it is gaining steam.

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Can You Dig It? | A Story of Sweetens Cove and Golf’s New Age

Going down the social media rabbit hole to find golf’s newest venues for enjoying the game.

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The Song of Sweetens Cove

I’m sitting in a meeting room in Tallahassee, Florida, but my golfing soul is somewhere near South Pittsburg, Tennessee. For those in the know, South Pittsburg is home to Sweetens…

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Daylight Savings Swings

Through yonder fields I walk at dusk not knowing what I’ll find as I search my soul with swings and try to leave the day behind.

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The Ashes of Alister MacKenzie

American flight 517 is my plane ride home from a pilgrimage. I have six hours in the air between me and a return to my daily routine. I’ve just paid my respects to the remains of…

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The Promise of Pebble Beach

There are few phrases that sound as sweet to a golfer’s ear than that of “Pebble Beach Golf Links.”The golf course on California’s Monterey Peninsula is a symbol of golf’s…

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Welcome to Fairyland

On Lookout Mountain, you can see seven states from the vistas that have drawn visitors to its peaks for over a century. Those views are amplified from the tee boxes and greens of…

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Scotland Down the Street

Somewhere in another lifetime, I’d live in Scotland. I’d live in a small city by the sea where a unique links course is the center of the community. I’d go for walks by morning…

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