Episode 49: Zack Bates, Founder of Private Club Marketing

Zack Bates is the founder of Private Club Marketing, an advisory and consulting firm that works with private courses to grow and retain their membership through innovative…

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Episode 48: Greg Monteforte, Founder of Golf Threads

For all you out there thinking about starting a side hustle, this week's podcast with Greg Monteforte, the founder of golf-threads.com, is for you. Admittedly, taking that first…

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Unboxing | Air Jordan Trainer ST G

Nike has been bringing all sorts of performance offerings from their deep arsenal of models to the golf space for the past couple years. Their latest introduction, the Air Jordan…

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Unboxing | Nike Flyknit Racer G

The great thing about Nike is they are never afraid to try something new. And that especially pertains to the golf industry. What they are doing with footwear over the past couple…

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Episode 47: Behind the Lens With Golf Photographer Christian Hafer

Christian Hafer is gifted with something that not many people have. And if you are familiar with his work, then you are probably thinking about his artistic ability behind the…

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Episode 46: Matt Parziale’s Meteoric Rise Up The Amateur Golf Ranks

Matt Parziale just loves golf. The man lives to compete. Most recently, he tested his game on golf’s biggest stage. This year’s Masters. And his story of getting into the game's…

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Unboxing | adidas Crossknit 2.0 Silver Boost

We are excited to introduce a new video series with Craig Salter where he will be doing unique unboxing videos of the hottest shoes in the game. This week, Craig gives us the…

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Episode 45: Leveraging the Internet to Build a New Career with Golf Writer Jay Revell

Social media and golf is a beautiful thing. Individuals and brands have been able to leverage it to build remarkable businesses and careers around the game.

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Tommy Armour Golf is Making a Comeback

Most golfers have two associations with Tommy Armour. Either the iconic professional golfer. Or the legendary 845s irons that through one way or another everyone has hit. They…

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Episode 44: From Action Sports to Golf, The Story of Electric California

From action sports to golf, Electric is a story of entrepreneurship at it's finest. What started back in 2000 as a couple of guys with a vision, has grown into a global brand with…

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