How Andrew Rice Golf Became A Top 50 Instructor in America

This week, top 50 golf instructor in America, Andrew Rice, has come on the show. Andrew delivers one of the most actionable conversations to date. Since becoming a teacher, he has…

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Episode 57: The Wedge Wizard – Jacob Sanborn

This week, Jacob Sanborn, aka the Wedge Wizard as you may know him on Instagram, has come on the show. Jacob and I have a great conversation about how he carved out his niche in…

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Episode 56: Keith Rhebb – Golf Course Shaper & Designer (Part 2)

Golf course shaper and designer, Keith Rhebb, is back with part 2 of his interview. In part 1 we discussed the evolution of his career leading up to starting Rhebb Golf Design.…

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Episode 55: Keith Rhebb – Golf Course Shaper & Designer (Part 1)

This week, golf course shaper and designer, Keith Rhebb, came on the show. After getting the chance to talk with Riley Johns a few weeks back, I knew I had to chat with Keith. The…

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Episode 54: Tom Coyne – Golf Writer

This week, critically acclaimed golf writer, Tom Coyne, joined us. Tom has recently published his latest book, A Course Called Scotland, and was kind enough to come on the show to…

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Unboxing | Puma Suede G

This week on our unboxing series with Salter Golf, Craig talks us through the new Puma Suede G.

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Episode 53: Riley Johns – Golf Course Architect (Part 2)

In part 2, Riley and I talk about his approach to the highly acclaimed Winter Park Golf Course, aka WP9. His thoughts on why he thinks this course type is the key to growing the…

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Episode 52: Riley Johns – Golf Course Architect (Part 1)

This week, golf course architect and founder of Integrative Golf Design, Riley Johns, came on the show for a two-part interview. In part one, we discuss how he got into golf in…

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Episode 51: From Energy Drinks to Apparel, The Story of Swing Juice

This week we have a fascinating story for you all on the podcast. Jon Mason joined us on the show. He is the founder of Swing Juice. A golf lifestyle apparel company that focuses…

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Episode 50: How to Play Golf and Work Anywhere on Earth with Sean Ogle

This week's podcast is a special one. Not just because it is our 50th episode, which by the way thank you to everyone who has been listening to the show. The support we have…

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