Episode 61: Matt Lemman – Partner at Jones Golf Bags

This week we have a phenomenal guest for you all. Matt Lemman, who is a Partner at the popular Jones Golf Bags, joined us to talk about the rich history of the brand.

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Episode 60: Matt Cardis – Golf Photographer & Founder of Golf In Your State

This week, our good friend Matt Cardis joined us. Matt first came on the podcast back in February and on today's show, we are going to catch up with him on everything that has…

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Episode 59: Sean Martin – PGA Tour’s Events Editor

This week, PGA Tour's Events Editor, Sean Martin, has joined us on the show to tell us all about his career. Sean grew up a passionate golfer and got into Journalism in college.…

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Unboxing | Air Jordan 3 Black/Green Glow Review

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Air Jordan 3 release. And to celebrate, Nike has been delivering the golf world an assorted collection ready for the course.…

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Andrew Rice – Top 50 Instructor in America

This week, top 50 golf instructor in America, Andrew Rice, has come on the show. Andrew delivers one of the most actionable conversations to date. Since becoming a teacher, he has…

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Episode 57: The Wedge Wizard – Jacob Sanborn

This week, Jacob Sanborn, aka the Wedge Wizard as you may know him on Instagram, has come on the show. Jacob and I have a great conversation about how he carved out his niche in…

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Episode 56: Keith Rhebb – Golf Course Shaper & Designer (Part 2)

Golf course shaper and designer, Keith Rhebb, is back with part 2 of his interview. In part 1 we discussed the evolution of his career leading up to starting Rhebb Golf Design.…

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Episode 55: Keith Rhebb – Golf Course Shaper & Designer (Part 1)

This week, golf course shaper and designer, Keith Rhebb, came on the show. After getting the chance to talk with Riley Johns a few weeks back, I knew I had to chat with Keith. The…

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Episode 54: Tom Coyne – Golf Writer

This week, critically acclaimed golf writer, Tom Coyne, joined us. Tom has recently published his latest book, A Course Called Scotland, and was kind enough to come on the show to…

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Unboxing | Puma Suede G

This week on our unboxing series with Salter Golf, Craig talks us through the new Puma Suede G.

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