Episode 6: Learn how to get paid to travel the world and play golf with Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is a full-time travel blogger and an avid golfer. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he moved to South Korea to teach English. In his free time, he…

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Episode 5: Founders of Max Golf Protein | Max Colman & Cat Vickers

Max Colman and Cat Vickers are the founders of Max Golf Protein, the first golf specific protein drink & bar. Max and Cat personify the hard work and dedication that goes into…

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Episode 4: Founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club | Nik Bando

Nik Bando is the founder of the Bogeybox Golf Club, a startup that is revolutionizing the shopping experience for golfers by creating a risk-free home try-on service. Nik's…

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Top Deejay headphones

Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing many hats and being the czar of many…

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Episode 3: Inspirational Amputee Professional Golfer | Mike Browne

Mike Browne is an inspiring amputee professional golfer. Mike had a 17-year long career in the British Armed Forces. In 2011, he suffered a tragic injury to his leg that…

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Episode 2: A Story of Persistence | Pro Golfer Alex Romo

Alex Romo is a 25-year-old professional golfer, and aspiring online entrepreneur who has overcome obstacles such as a career ending injury to pursue his dream of playing on the…

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Episode 1: Founder of The Dapper Drive | Jordan Griggs

Jordan Griggs is the founder of The Dapper Drive and a professional golfer. A year and a half ago, Jordan left his corporate job to pursue professional golf and online…

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Arnold Palmer: The First Golf Entrepreneur

Arnold Palmer was a true titan of golf and a pioneer in the business world. Read the article to see how he changed golf and sports forever.

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Matthew Bond: If you want it, You can get it

Matthew Bond is a man on a mission, or as he would say, if you want it, you can get it. That mission is his pursuit of one day playing in the Masters, and becoming a full-time PGA…

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Ethan Castle: 18 Holes of Life

Ethan Castle is a professional golfer who picked up the game at the age of 19. Just six years later, he is on the top ten of the Pepsi Tour's Money List, has played on the PGA…

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