Our Favorite Golf Brands for Summer 2019

Golf season is in full swing and with that, new summer styles are hitting the shelves of our favorite brands.

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Winter Park Golf Course: Pure Fun

Winter Park Golf Course was renovated by Riley Johns and Keith Rhebb and the result is the ideal model for recreational golf in all cities.

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Dave Baysden: Golf’s New Favorite Artist

If you have been into golf's social media scene over the past year or so, then you have undoubtedly heard of Dave Baysden. It could be from his recent cover with Caddie Magazine,…

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Golf Brought Me To Scottsdale, AZ

Teeing it up around the world with different people in unique places is the ethos of golf. At the end of the day, it is what we all play for. To chase a little white ball around…

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Foray Golf: Megan LaMothe’s Innovative Clothing Line

As an avid golfer and former Victoria Secret Executive, Megan LaMothe came on the podcast to talk about the inspiring story to starting her modern women's golf clothing brand,…

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From Looper to YouTuber: How Alex Elliott Golf Came to Be

Alex Elliott is a professional golf instructor, caddy and YouTuber who has used the internet to grow his teaching business while becoming an influencer in the process.

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Mark Alexander: Golf Course Photographer & Journalist

It is a pleasure to add this week’s feature, Mark Alexander, to that list. Mark is a journeyman who has been in the industry for over a decade.

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Jane Geddes: Major Champion, Entrepreneur, and Businesswomen

Jane Geddes is a major champion, entrepreneur, and businesswomen. We sat down with her to discuss her remarkable life with golf.

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King Collins Golf Course Design: A Story of Perseverance

Like any great idea, it all started over dinner and conversation at a Carabbas. This was the birthplace of King Collins Golf Design. A firm that would grow to break the norm and…

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Duncan Littlefield: Ex-Professional Golfer and Entrepreneur

Duncan Littlefield is an ex-professional golfer who left college at the age of 20 to pursue his dream of the PGA Tour. For the next six years of his life, he relentlessly chased…

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