From Looper to YouTuber: How Alex Elliott Golf Came to Be

Alex Elliott is a professional golf instructor, caddy and YouTuber who has used the internet to grow his teaching business while becoming an influencer in the process.

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Mark Alexander: Golf Course Photographer & Journalist

It is a pleasure to add this week’s feature, Mark Alexander, to that list. Mark is a journeyman who has been in the industry for over a decade.

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Jane Geddes: Major Champion, Entrepreneur, and Businesswomen

Jane Geddes is a major champion, entrepreneur, and businesswomen. We sat down with her to discuss her remarkable life with golf.

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King Collins Golf Course Design: A Story of Perseverance

Like any great idea, it all started over dinner and conversation at a Carabbas. This was the birthplace of King Collins Golf Design. A firm that would grow to break the norm and…

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Duncan Littlefield: Ex-Professional Golfer and Entrepreneur

Duncan Littlefield is an ex-professional golfer who left college at the age of 20 to pursue his dream of the PGA Tour. For the next six years of his life, he relentlessly chased…

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How The Golfer’s Journal Got It’s Start with Brendon Thomas

Golf in it's purest form. This is the motto behind The Golfer's Journal, a quarterly print publication that focuses on the rich culture within the game. They don't discuss swing…

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Cut Golf is Disrupting a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

The best damn golf balls under 20 bucks. That's the mission behind Cut Golf and this week on the podcast we talk about how they brought that vision to life.

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Starting a Golf Content Brand with Trey from Outside The Cut

Trey from Outside The Cut falls in line with this recurring theme. Since starting his content driven golf site and Twitter account at the beginning of the year, he's had…

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Starting A Wedge Company with Joshua of Haywood Golf

Ever wonder what it is like to start a wedge company while working a full-time job? Well, Joshua Haywood is currently doing that with his young start-up Haywood Golf. On this…

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Unboxing | Puma Suede G | Team Europe or Team USA?

We are back with a special unboxing for you all in collaboration with Craig Salter. It's Ryder Cup week, and the greatest event in golf is going to get underway this Friday.

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