In today’s ever increasing digital world, having a presence online can help any business. Especially one where you provide a service. When you break it down, that is what golf instruction is and getting your name out in this crowded landscape is always a challenge. Social media has allowed golf instructors to showcase their teaching philosophy to their world and in return gain new clients and exposure. The Andrew Rice Golf brand was the original at doing this and has since paved a way for a new generation of instructions.

Andrew Rice Golf
Andrew Rice Golf

Andrew Rice is a Top 50 Golf Instructor in America and this is by no mistake at all. In many ways, he became a branding expert when the recession forced him to get creative. He saw the rise of social media and more importantly for himself, YouTube. The need to get his name out in an effective way was more important than ever.

So he began educating his audience on what he believed would lead to a solid golf game. And it worked. Andrew Rice Golf now has over 50,000 followers across channels and a robust teaching business to go along with it. He has also inspired a new era of golf instructors. Young teachers like Alex Elliott have utilized social media to grow their business and credit the like of Andrew as the inspiration for this.

In today’s interview, Andrew delivers one of the most actionable conversations to date. If you are a current or inspiring golf instructor, then this interview is for you. We dive deep into his story while delivering advice for anyone looking to build an audience online.

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