Photo by: @golfinyourstate

Entrepreneurship is a word that represents the extraordinary. Defined as the act of building a business. But for those who are in it know it is more than that. It is a journey. The pursuit of your ideal life. The process of taking your ultimate vision and making it a reality. All driven by an idea, passion or craft that excites you more than anything else.

For us, that passion is golf. It is more than a game. It is a lifestyle. It is a part of every fiber of our being. To turn that love of sport into a career – well – that’s the dream. And all over the globe, people are doing it in their own unique and extraordinary ways.

Welcome to G&E Magazine. A digital publication and podcast dedicated to the world of golf and entrepreneurship. Here, we are bringing to life the journeys of people who are taking their enthusiasm for golf and are turning it into their career in remarkable fashion.