If you’re serious about it…

Every golfer has their goals teeing off the 2018 season. I’m sure your goals are different to mine but in the end, we all have goals whether we are aware of them or not. My goal this season is to turn professional and obtain my Tour card through the European Tour Qualifying School. Your goal might be to achieve your first handicap, to break 100, to get a single handicap, win a certain tournament or simply to have more fun on the course! If you follow these 3 easy steps throughout the season I’m sure you can achieve your goal!

Step 1: Get fit for your equipment

I realize this might sound biased as I work for a golf shop during my time in Switzerland, however, I’m 100% certain that you can only reach your potential if you have the right clubs. You might use some hand-me-downs from someone in your family or old one clubs you bought years ago. The truth is it’s probably not good enough. Imagine your goal was to run a marathon. Would you go out and try to do it with shoes that are 2 sizes too big or too small? Yes, you could probably do it but it would certainly be more difficult to do and less fun! The same goes for custom fit golf clubs. Find an expert near you and get your current clubs adjusted or fit for a new set (including a putter).

Further, one of the most overlooked aspects is the importance of playing the same golf ball all the time. The ball is the only part of your equipment you use on every shot! I have yet to meet a player who changes drivers every two holes but I’ve met plenty of people who switch between balls ten times a round! If you want to play your best find a ball you like and stick with it. And no, this does not mean you have to play a Titleist Pro V1 or a different $5 ball. Simply find a ball that works for you and use it every round and every shot.

Step 2: Take some lessons

We all know lessons with a Pro can be expensive, however, if you want to get better and enjoy your hobby more you should invest in some. This doesn’t mean you have to take 10 lessons a month. I simply encourage you to find a pro you can trust and stick with him or her. Make sure you focus on one area you would like to improve at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. Take a lesson periodically depending on how much time you have available to practice in between. For some players that might mean to go see their instructor once a week for others that might be once a month. Be patient, work on what your pro tells you to and you will improve, trust me.

Step 3: Practice what you learn

As I already mentioned in step two you’re only going to improve if you practice what you have learned in your lessons. In most cases, this doesn’t mean you need to go to the range every day for a few hours. Just focus on what you need to work on when you go practice. For the most part, you will be able to get more out of two focused 30 min session than if you stand on the range for three hours one day but are constantly wrapped up in other thoughts or talking to people around you. Second, play competitive games with your friends or family; it will help you get used to executing the shots you have worked on when it counts. And lastly, have fun! It’s your hobby, ENJOY it!

About the author:

Philippe Weppernig is a Swiss national team player and currently working on his MBA degree while coaching at the University of Findlay. He has played 4 years of college golf, being an All-American at Owens, before transferring and playing at the Division 1 level for Eastern Michigan University. Philippe is currently preparing for his professional career and will be trying to get his European Tour Card in the fall of 2018. Successfully playing in numerous tournaments, becoming a club fitting expert at Golf + Tennis Welt, and helping players as a Graduate Assistant at Findlay, Weppernig has great insights into all areas of the game. For more information about Philippe please visit: www.philippeweppernig.com and follow Philippe Weppernig Golf on Facebook.