One of the most satisfying things to do after a long day is to head to the range, throw in the headphones, and rip through a bucket of balls. Once you start thinking about the swing and how to get better, it is like nothing else in the world exist.

It is one of the reasons golf can become so addicting. And especially why you may find yourself working your swing in the middle of the office. No matter how ridiculous you look. That never-ending chase for individual perfection. It hooks you in.

For Aiden Oh, the founder of SelfGOLF, that pursuit of the perfect swing is what he loves most about the game. And ultimately became the inspiration behind the creation of SelfieGOLF.

Like many of us who love working on their game, the recording of our swing for analysis is a ritual. But propping your phone on your bag or a chair just never seems to work that well.

This sparked an aha moment in Aiden. What if there was something that could clip to your alignment stick or the shaft of a driver? Born was SelfieGOLF USA. Like many great products, Aiden and his team solved a problem. And clearly, the golf community recognized their solution. SelfieGOLF won the PGA Best New Product of 2017.

We sat down with Aiden to ask him a few questions about his life with golf and the evolution of the brand. Here is what he had to say:

When did you first start playing golf, and why did you pick up the game?

Honestly, I picked up golf because it was much more fun than studying was. I hated sitting at a desk; I loved being outside. I loved golf out of all the other sports I did (kendo, basketball, sprinting).

What made you want to start SelfieGOLF?

I wanted Tiger Woods’ awesome swing! Every time I went to play golf or went to the range to practice, I was trying to record my swing so that I can analyze it and improve. But there were just no good ways to do it! I was always fiddling with propping my phone against my bag and would always get weird angles of my swing. I could never record anything substantial that could help me perfect my swing.

Have you engaged in any other entrepreneurial ventures prior to SelfieGOLF?

Before SelfieGOLF, I actually went to Le Cordon Bleu and was trained as a chef. It was an extension of my training and dedication to fitness. After working in various restaurants, I created Green Table. It was something similar to Amazon Fresh is like now. Before it was created, I came up with the idea to deliver organic, healthy meals right to you.

What doors have opened as a result of SelfieGOLF?

Traveling all over the world to several countries that distribute SelfieGOLF. Also meeting PGA Tour Pros! Amazing!

What is your vision for yourself and your company in the future?

This one is easy: SelfieGolf, a brand that is in every golf bag.

What have you learned most from starting SelfieGOLF?

Respect for every single person in the production industry/manufacturer business. These guys go through a lot!

How does SelfieGOLF engage with the community?

Donating to and supporting charities.

Is there anything else you would like to add about SelfieGOLF?

SG making is the same as cooking – from the start to the finish, there is a precise system to how things work and what you need to do in order to get a beautiful and well thought out product.

It’s all detail oriented and focus focus focus is the key thing, day in and day out.

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Who is your greatest inspiration?

Tiger Woods – because he has a great swing! I aspire to that!
No one comes close!

What’s in your bag?

SelfieGOLF of course!

Describe your perfect round?

Actually, I enjoy playing golf on the course but my true love is at the driving range. Practicing and hitting the ball with the perfect swing gives me the most exhilarating feeling.