Monday, December 11, 2017

Podcast Features

Episode 26: How Mizzen + Main is Disrupting an Entire Industry

This week on G&E The Podcast, we had Kevin Lavelle, founder of the industry disrupting brand, Mizzen + Main. The apparel company famous for their performance fabric dress shirts that are moisture wicking, wrinkle-free, and as they put it, Comfortable AF. When he first started out, people thought his idea was crazy. He was basically laughed out of his first trade show and told by supposed industry experts that no one would wear the shirt. Five and a half years later, the business has grown by 400% YOY, has partnerships with iconic athletes such as Tim Tebow and J.J. Watt, and has plans to become the next great American brand.

Episode 25: How TRUE Linkswear is Relaunching their Brand with Justin...

This week on G&E The Podcast we had on Justin Turner, Partner of Finance and Strategy at TRUE Linkswear. If you have been following along with TRUE, you may have noticed their recent change in shoe design, a revamped website and social media strategy, and an overall relaunch of the brand. This is because the company is going back to their routes. A dedication to enjoying the walk. In this week's podcast feature, Justin peels back the curtains. He gives us a behind the scenes view into each step of the brand's change of business plan. From the development of their new shoe models to the tools they used to enhance their direct to consumer channel, we talk about it all. Enjoy.

Episode 24: Live Bold with Bart Walker, Founder of Jack Grace...

This week on G&E The Podcast we had Bart Walker, founder of Jack Grace USA. Aka the #coolestgolfshoesever, Jack Grace is an up and coming revolutionary golf shoe brand that allows for total customization with their interchangeable saddles technology. Bart's story to starting his brand is fascinating. As a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic, Bart had to make the bold decision to leave his job and go all in on his dream business. With the support of his wife, and a lot of hustle, the phenomenal brand we see today was born. Check out this week's podcast feature to learn about what it takes to start your own shoe company.


There is No Stopping Rosaura Quezada and Malili Dib, Founders of Golf By RQ

Meet Rosaura Quezada and Malili Dib. A mother-daughter team from Puebla, Mexico with dreams of developing their business, Golf By RQ, into golf's go-to jewelry accessory line. Like daughter, like mother, the duo has a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. They are doers. After sitting down with them both, you immediately get a sense that if they want to pursue something, they just start going. And do so with a zest for life.

From Recording Your Swing to Starting a Company with Aiden Oh, Founder of SelfieGOLF...

One of the most satisfying things to do after a long day is to head to the range, throw in the headphones, and rip through a bucket of balls. Once you start thinking about your game and how to get better, it is like nothing else in the world exist. That is until you try to record your swing. Propping your phone up on something is always a struggle. Introducing Aiden Oh, founder of SelfieGOLF, and their innovative smartphone clipping system. We had the chance to sit down with Aiden for this week's Q&A about the evolution of the brand and his life with golf.

STOMP the Mini-Series: Toughness

G&E Contributor, Michael Konrad, is back with the second installment of his mini-series, STOMP (Strength, Toughness, Optimism, Mentality, & Preparation). His take on mental toughness is phenomenal. It does not just apply to the individual working to reach their peak level of performance in golf. Anyone in life, no matter their goals, can learn a thing or two from what Mike has to say. And that is what is so great about the sport. Whatever you learn while pursuing this game can benefit every area of your life if you look at it the right way. Enjoy!

From Hardcore Rock to Golf: David Barrigan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

What does the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, have to do with this weeks Q&A? The motto JUST DO IT. These words were an inspiration to David Barrigan, founder of Putting Edge. With that mindset, David has built his business to work with clients such as Amazon, New Balance, O2, Harvas Lynx, and more. He is currently in the process of building a golf apparel company called Foreward which will be launching in 2018. And he has started a charity called Putt For Dough dedicated to helping out the homeless in Northwest England. All this just because he decided to do it. Check out this week's interview feature to learn more about David, his life with golf, and why he decided to start his own business. Enjoy!

I Got Tired of Watching Them Die: The Story of Alister MacKenzie – Golf’s...

Introducing G&E Contributor, Greg Evans, and his first column, I Got Tired of Watching Them Die: The Story of Alister MacKenzie – Golf’s Greatest Architect.Greg dives deep into Alister's life story detailing his time as a medic in the Boer War and WWI. On the battlefield, Alister became fascinated with camouflage. He mastered the skill implementing it in war and later on in golf course design. MacKenzie went on to design some of the worlds most beautiful courses including Augusta National and Cypress Point. Give today's historical perspective a read to learn the story of Golf's Greatest Architect.

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